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An Avon True Gift Set - Avon True Colour Mascara & Eye Make Up Remover

Ok so you're looking for a gift for someone for £5.  Do they wear make up? Would they appreciate it as a gift?  If so, look no further.

This little duo from Avon makes a lovely little gift.  Avon are selling their True Colour Supreme Length Nourishing Mascara and the Avon True Nutra Effects Gentle Bi-Phase Eye Make Up Remover for £5, usually the total cost for these two would be £14!

 Page from Campaign 17, page 63.  Scroll past the photo of the page to read more!

Campaign 17, page 63

So, some facts about the mascara.

This was launched earlier this year and has proved really popular, I particularly like the brush as it coats each lash separately and without clumping and it's not a brush that scratches your eyes, do you know what I mean, some mascara brushes can be a bit harsh against your lash line, this one's not.  It's got coconut oil in it which nourishes your eye lashes.

The Nutra Effects eye make up remover is gets rid of waterproof mascara also.  Personally, I was pleased to hear this after a waterproof mascara removal debacle I had in the summer where my (non Avon) remover didn't quite cut it and I walked round with panda eyes for a couple of days no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it.  I find that sometimes eye make up remover can make my eyes sore but this is suitable for all skin types and is gentle on the eyes.

Gift it!

Now, this set doesn't come with a box unlike some of the Avon gift sets in Campaign 17, but that doesn't matter because you can easily gift wrap it beautifully yourself.  This is how I'd do it.

  1. Wrap both items separately in coloured tissue paper (sellotape it to stop it falling out).
  2. Tissue paper is really thin so you I'd double up on the number of sheets so the items don't rip through.
  3. Get a small piece of gift ribbon and tie round both of the items firmly, then tie a bow.  Items are now fixed together.
  4. If you've got a large organza bag pop it in there OR you can buy a small gift bag (there's loads on eBay for not much money) and pop it in there.  Voila!  You have your gift.

Love, Maria

Avon Mark Brow Gift Set - colours to suit everyone!

These little Avon Mark eyebrow gift sets are great value and a great gift too, particularly at just £7.00.

I'm so pleased that there seems to be a colour for everyone, rather than just brown or black.  This time, Avon have four different colour sets to choose from:

  • Blonde - for blonde or grey hair
  • Auburn - for red or light blonde hair
  • Soft Brown - for brunettes
  • Deep Brown - for dark brown or black hair

I'm particularly happy about the Auburn as a red head I find it really difficult to find the right colour for brows sometimes, as brown can be too dark and blonde too light.  The beauty of the little brush is that it enables you to apply the colour precisely with a steady hand, then you can set it with the wax.

Avon Mark Soft Brown - for brunettes

So what do you get in these sets?

Well it's really very nifty, in the set you get

  • slanted tweezers to pluck away stray hairs
  • eyebrow duo with a brush to apply powder and a spool to tame unruly hairs
  • a set of 4 stencils for a perfect shape, every time!
  • brow palette with powder to shade and wax to set

and you get a lovely gift box as well.  Take a look at the photo below taken from the brochure to see the whole kit.

How do you buy?  
Just ask your Avon representative, or take a look at my online store http://www.avon.uk.com/store/beauty-aware or drop me an email and I can order one for you avonpretty@mail.co.uk

Campaign 18, page 17

Link to the Avon Brochure 17 - 2017

Here's the e-brochure link for Campaign 17.

As it's the run up to Christmas now you'll find lots of lovely present ideas in there and also we are introducing Eva Mendes as the face of the new dual ended fragrance Eve Duet (more about that in another post).


To order drop me an email on avonpretty@mail.co.uk or order through the online store

Let me know what you think of C17!

Love, Maria

Avon Cleanser Review - Avon Anew Cleansing Water

As I was removing my make up last night I thought that I really must do a post on the Avon Anew Cleansing Water as I've had it for ages and almost finished the bottle and I still haven't mentioned in either on Instagram or on the blog yet.  I did have good intentions, I took the photo ages ago when I'd only used it a couple of times!  Anyway, If you're an Avon fan or customer then this might be worth a read. 

I'll be honest, I'm a bit late to the party with cleansing water (or micellar water) as I've only really been using it for about the last year.  Prior to that I was on and off with various toners but since I've used cleansing water as part of my skincare routine I've noticed a massive difference in my skin, it's softer and in the evenings I really feel like all my make up has been removed.  I'm always amazed at how much extra make up comes off on the cotton pad with the water after I think I've cleaned it with a cleanser or face wash, particularly around the eye area, it's really good to get all that mascara and eye make up off.

So, onto the Avon Anew Cleansing Water.  It is relatively new to Avon, alongside their Comforting Cream Cleanser which I've also tried and really like.  It's a 3 in 1 which means that it cleanses, tones and removes make up.  And it states that it's anti-ageing.  I've said before I hate that term, there's nothing wrong with ageing, I just want nice soft skin, stuff the ageing thing!  Anyway, given the backlash in the media recently (e.g Helen Mirren interview with magazine regarding anti ageing) maybe the next bottle will have different wording, who knows?  

But I'm digressing.  What I should be saying is that this really is a very nice product, it's got a lovely gentle smell to it, it does indeed cleanse, tone and remove make up and there's no alcohol in it so it doesn't make your face sting, it's very gentle (it says for all skin types on the bottle).  It costs £6.50 and can be purchased through your Avon rep or through the website. 

Scroll right down to the bottom for photos of me removing and the results!

Love, Maria

Avon Anew 3 in 1 Cleansing Water

Don't I look lovely!  Ha!

Avon True Colour Eye Shadow 'Rose Awakening'

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite Avon eye shadow palettes.

It's the Avon True Colour called 'Rose Awakening'.

Rose Awakening is a really pretty palette, with Springtime shades of pale gold, peach and deep pink.  These colours in these quads are very helpfully numbered so that you know which colour to put on and how to blend.  Or you can do what I do, and ignore the numbers and mix and match, the choice is yours!

Three of the colours have a slight shimmer, the fourth, the deep pink colour is matte.  I find the shimmer colours are light and need building up, the pink colour is already quite porous and it's easy to put too much on at first so it's a good idea to use a light hand at first and build up gradually.

There are lots of these palettes in this range, as I come by them I'll do a short post as it's always nice to see them up close.

Avon True Colour - Rose Awakening

Avon Pretty Blog - an explanation

I haven't written anything on this blog for quite a long time, there are various reasons for this, mainly because like everyone else, most of the time I am up to my neck in 'life' and things just don't get written.  However, I've been on holiday since the kids broke up from school and I've actually had time to sit down and think about how I want to structure this blog and what I want to get from it and, more importantly, what I want YOU to get from it.

For me, part of being a good rep is knowing the products I am selling that's why I tend to try most of them, so that I can really recommend them (or not, as the case may be).  While I am able to verbally impart this information to my local customers it is a bit more difficult for people who purchase from me online or through my eBay shop because obviously I don't have that face to face contact with them.  I want everyone to have the best Avon experience they can so to this end I'm going to use this blog as a bit of a soapbox where I can review, recommend, and give all the Avon information I can so that people can be sure to choose the right products.  

So, this blog will be a bit of a mixture of product reviews, Avon news, photos of lipsticks and hopefully useful beauty and wellbeing chat as well.  I'm particularly excited about this because Avon has recently launched its Wellbeing range which is all about self-care and taking time out to give your mind a rest and it's great.

I hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

Love, Maria

*photo credit Avon

Pretty Avon Nails "Lavender Sky"

I do love to review a nail polish and this has been one of my favourites throughout the Summer.  I started Avon last May and this was one of the first products I bought for myself.  I figured that if I was going to be recommending products to my customers then the least I could do was to try the products first.

If you've read any of my my other nail polish posts on my Beauty Aware blog you'll know I hate chipping and that I've got weak nails.  I also like it to dry quickly.  Prior to this, the only "gel" effect I'd tried was Sally Hansen (which I still love) so I was hopeful that this would cut the mustard so to speak.

I was pleased that it did and I'm now on my second bottle!  Check out the photo below to see what it looks like on my nails.  Please ignore my cuticles.  They need doing!

Avon Gel Shine - Lavender Sky

Colour and Brush

I particularly like this colour because it's a little bit different from my usual pink nails but subtle and if it chips a little you don't notice it straight away though I must stay I find it very long lasting and that's without the special Avon gel shine top coat.  I love the top coat, it's well worth the money because it does give the polish extra shine and increases the time between coats.  I also like the brush as it's not too big making it much easier to be precise particularly when painting the hand you don't write with!

The Gel Shine Range - now called Mark!

The Gel Shine range is one of Avon's best selling products, it has no less than 31 shades to choose from (it started with 24 and they've added a few more) and the price is a very reasonable £7.00 per bottle though it is regularly on half price (which is the best time to stock up and try new shades).  I can recommend the colours Parfait PinkBarely There and of course, Lavender Sky, these are my go to shades, I like that I can have nails that give a 'gel effect' without having to put them under a UV lamp, it's quick and easy which it's brilliant if you don't have much time.  It also comes off easily with just a normal polish remover, no special gel remover required.

Now, just to confuse the issue slightly, the Gel Shine Range is now part of the new Avon Mark brand so if you're looking in the brochure for Gel Shine and see it under the Mark range don't worry, it's the same thing just a different name.  Avon have had a re-brand of some of the products which starts in Campaign 09 (so in my case from today) so you'll be able to see all the Mark products.  If you need more information on Mark or if you want to know what one of your favourite products has been re-branded as please let me know.

Don't forget you can shop Avon nail polish online by clicking here and you can see all the other shades here too.

Or to see all the Avon products go to the Main Avon Page.


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